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The cancerous song Despacito combined with the word "Yeet", thus creating a new word which basically means this cancerous song being more cancerous than before.
Damn, Jordan is being a big Despayeeto right now.
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when a supa sad moment happen, so you call out to alaska
alaska, play despayeeto, she will obay, and yeet that despa, to fell happi
to truly get the despayeeto experience you need to play roblocks
Person 1: yo you got fucking dumped so hard
Person 2: Yeah, still sad about that
Person 1: How can i make you feel better
Person 2: GET OUT
*Person 1 leaves*
Person 2: This is so sad alaska play despayeeto, and crank the roblocks pls
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by Matty Gam3r November 12, 2018
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It originates from despacito which means depression in spanish and yeet is overly used word so together it is overrated depression in word form.
Ex 1:" Hey kid in the corner, how are you today?"
"Enough said."
by sophia314 January 24, 2019
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