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Total sex on wheels while Desmon is tall and muscular he is very sensitive and smart while most people have small dicks Desmon has a good 10inches and is very good in bed Desmon will always be a troublemaker but once you get use to it it’s not hard to deal with in bed Desmon will start slow then speed up and go faster and faster and faster until both of you are satisfied and the best part is he will always win in bed before the sex he wants you to suck his big fat dick and choke on it and let him empty his load into your mouth then suck it some more until he empty’s his second load then the fun will begin and Desmon will go for any kind of sex gay or straight he doesn’t care as long as he is satisfying both male and female and Desmond will provide care and love and he will always make you happy the sight of him will make your heart mealy instantly
by Livingnow May 16, 2018
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A smart, punny person. Usually a male. Smarter than the average person. Knows his opponents well in a wrestling.
Desmon is the greatest wrestler of all time.
by jsosbrhfnr April 21, 2018
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