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a new communication of a problem to an IT support from a lowly customer via their senior management to your bosses bosses boss and back down
All in lieu of where a direct call to support would suffice.
Sometimes used to complain about non-existant problems to distract from ones own inability to deliver.
This is an example email trail of an descalation

8) Database team manager to Database support guy : No.

7) Database support guy to Database team manager : No - Are there any details?

6) Database team manager to database team : Are you aware of John's problem?

5) It Senior Boss to Database team manager : Are you aware of this?

4) Senior Boss to IT Senior Boss : I'm hearing that the databases arent working

3) Boss to his Senior Boss : IT support have f'd up again.

2) John: I can't deliver X because my PC isn't working

1) Boss to John have you delivered the new graph I asked you to do last year?
by Transamazonia September 04, 2013
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