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Desaray is an amazing girl. She is tough, and won't hesitate to yell. She is very highly praised by boys, mostly due to her awesome personality. She may seem like your words don't hurt her, but deep down, they really do, but she's not one to show it. She thinks with her funny bone. She may not be interested in love, but find her the right person, and who knows ;)
Person one: Hey, who's that awesome girl over there?
Person two: That's Desaray, She's awesome.
by RandomGoofBall June 27, 2016
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The worlds most demonic child you will ever encounter.
Desaray: I want my ice cream!!! I want it now! I will destroy you if you don't bring it now!

Person: Oh shit, run! Desaray is going to kill us!
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by TheSilentTaco00 May 25, 2016
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Desaray is a girl who makes everyone around her laugh or smile. She puts her feelings away and doesn't talk about them. She is scared to be loved, because she is afraid of hurting people. She pushes her loved ones and friends away cause she dont wont them to get hurt by her. Bottled up feelings is a thing she loves to do. She trust to easy and falls to hard.
Person 1: Who is that girl over there making that person laugh?

Person 2: That's Desaray she loves to make people's day better!
by Broken ):) September 15, 2019
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