1) noun. A French philosohper, acknowledged as the father of deconstruction. More accurately described as a post-structuralist, Derrida is most famous for his catch phrase "il n'y a pas de hors-text," which exemplifies his belief that there are no transcendental explanatory structures which can be legitmately used as interpretative tools.

2) verb. To think, speak and especially in a manner which is surpemely incomprensible to any other human being who is not stoned, pretentious, or French.
1) Jacques Derrida was seen recently ripping the covers off books at the Barnes and Noble, in an effort to prove once and for all that isn't anything outside the text, damn it.

2) Jimmy, your doctoral dissertation receives an F because you so much time derridaing it in an effort to make yourself look smart that nobody understood a fucking word of it.
by smacktard October 1, 2003
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something or somebody utterly incomprehensible. Also see: deconstruction lacan and shite.
What da fokk is dis fokhead blathering about?
Oh, it's just the usual derrida shtick!
Wait a minute, I've read Heidegger but Heidegger makes full sense compared to this gobbledygook...
I know, but we in the academia are not supposed to tell the truth. LIKE NEVER! ALWAYS ONLY COMPLETE LIES!
by Destouches February 10, 2005
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