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This is quite an amazing word. It offers so much in so little. The definition is, "to be relieved from a state of exhaustion." The amazing characteristics of it are...
1. It is an anagram.
2. There are 2 of each letter in it. (2 d's, 2 e's, 2 p's, 2 o's)
3. The d's are simply rotated p's.
4. There ratio of consonants to vowels is 1:1.
5. Each letter can be paired in the alphabet with another. D precedes E in the alphabet while O precedes P.
Another amazing thing about this word is that it was thought of while pooping. Make it part of your everyday conversation.
After drinking 221 cans of Mountain Dew, I'm depooped.
by (sic) March 19, 2005
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