Traditionally a service-members dependent who is a "stay at home mom" that doesn't do a damn thing all day besides sitting on the couch looking remarkably similar to jabba the hut leaching off of military benefits and eating anything that gets too close.
"Dude what the hell is that on your couch?"
"Thats my wife!"
"You need to do something with that dependapotamus."
by Daemion September 14, 2008
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Dependapotamus are generally found in the domesticated areas of military bases. Contrary to believe, not all dependopatomi are overweight. The term has become a general description for a military dependent. It is a funny, joking term used to discribe spouse that is completely reliant on their military member. You can normally catch a dependapotamus at a Starbucks, yoga, or eating sushi with their dependasquad. Dependapotamus come in all shapes and sizes and are very territorial of their military spouses. Watch out, they bite ;)
My friends wife/husband (yes they exist ) is a dependapotamus. She/he shops, yogas, and doesn’t have a job but claims the rank and status of the military member.
by AERDROW November 14, 2019
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Saluting the spouse of a military officer is a hidden signal to the spouse that the member rendering the salute wants to have sex with the spouse with the officer's consent/participation. Returning the salute (or demanding to be saluted for their spouse's rank) means the spouse wants to have sex with that member.
"Don't you know my husband is an officer? Why aren't you saluting me? You should always salute a dependapotamus"
by TrashyPilot September 7, 2020
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