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awesome beautiful smart short young girl who is very creative and shy but is an awesome friend
wow is that is denique she cool
by 8493nuvt0s5g8s34 August 04, 2016
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If you want an adventure, you go to her! She makes every day something else. Denique is stunning. She has the most beautiful body thats sexy but not in a bad way. Her smile is literally perfect. When she laughs, everyones hearts warm up! All the boys has an eye on Denique, but with her specific taste, very less of them is lucky enough to have a girl like her! She has a love for people and and always wants to help them. Though her love for humans, she completely loves animals! She has lots of pets and loves them with all her heart. Denique probably does horse riding and other sports with animals. She is very sporty, musical and smart. If you know a Denique, you got best friend material!!
This girl called Denique, she is special!
by DAKDL August 20, 2019
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