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The best you'll ever have until she gives up. She's funny and amazing. She's a spur of the moment kind of girl. But one thing is for sure she loves cheese fries and shrimp and likes to give you cute nick names. She's one of a kind. She will love you with all her heart until you mess up then she'll start questioning you. She gets jealous fast and will knock a bitch out for even talking to you. But overall she will always be your first love even if y'all ain't together.
" Yo is that Deniesha, man she's prettier than what they said"
by Panda03 December 19, 2016
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Deniesha is a girl that looks like a weird hairy man. She transforms into a horse as soon as she gets home. She is obsessed with picking things like peanuts with her toes. She has the most amazing group of friends. She is considered lucky if she has friends like Shreeya and Punya.

She likes being called Zenay and laughing like a seal.

Everyone deserves a ratty friend like Deniesha.
Omg! Stop picking things with your toes like a Deniesha !!
by SpPk January 24, 2018
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