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One who defines one's self through identification with a political party or group and defines one's enemies by identifying them with an opposing group. The demreplibcon can be spotted by it's frequent and raucus calls of "Those neocons!", "Those stupid libs!", "Repug!", "Democrap!", "liberal lies!" etc. The most die-hard demreplibcons will place anyone who disagrees with them in the 'opposing' camp, regardles of that person's real affiliation. The experience of arguing with a demreplibcon is like banging one's head against a wall. See also troll
You might be a demreplibcon if:
You say 'libtards' or 'contards' in a serious conversation.
You think there are only two political parties in the U.S.
You blame the 'other' party for anything that goes wrong.
You have the delusion that everyone (or most of them) in the 'other' party really believes that everything bad in the world is your party's fault.
Your arguments are filled with phrases such as "those damn Republicans", "those bleeding-heart liberals", "those lying Democrats", "those stupid conservatives", etc.
You think Rush is right.
You think all Republicans think Rush is right.
You believe there are no corrupt politicians in 'your' party.
You disinherited your son because he registered Democrat.
You cried and prayed for your son's soul because he registered Republican.
You call conservatives 'fascist'.
You call liberals 'communist'.
You can't have a discussion without it turning political.
by Adrian Fields May 12, 2006
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