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Demeciate: When your 6-7 beers deep, and your hitting on a hot babe, and your planes crashing because everything you use, kush, pills, midnight ecstasy aint workin, you are in a state of demeciation. Or in a sense, you are in the realm of Demeciation Nation. Its also whatever the hell you want it to be.

origin: Originally demeciated by a local shedder at watershed who was way too demeciated to pronounce proper English.
Raef: Im so fucking demeciated bro.
Ricky: you need to reach max demeciation, lets go demeciate some babes.
Raef: *pukes and rallies* hey girl are you demeciated?
Girl: are you retarded or just demeciated?
Raef and Ricky: Fuck yeah, you just demeciated us!
Ricky: Hey keep demeciating. just like Raef demeciated some girls ass hole last night.
Girl: ew Raef, you eat ass?
Raef: only when im demeciated.
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by The Beaver commander August 06, 2018
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