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Action one takes when a problematic situation arises and there are no rational solutions present. The action is to hide at a reliable, safe location for approximately 5 minutes and then proceed to revisit the problematic scene once again with high hopes of everything being miraculously back to normal.
The transportation in LAX was a mess. The car and driver (arranged by client's office) from Barry Limo was not here upon arrival. That's when I called you and when Mr. Green called his office. There was a black SUV rampside that I asked the front desk about but she said that the driver was waiting for a different tail number (I verified that the tail number was not one of our other plane's tail numbers). There was really nothing we could do for him (I'd already asked Mr. Green if he wanted me to check on rental car availability which he declined). He appeared to be working it out with his office so we went back out to the plane. When we were walking back into the FBO a few minutes later, Mr. Green was getting into the black SUV that had by then pulled up to the gate to exit the ramp. I asked the CSR person at the front desk what was going on and she had no idea. In fact, she confirmed once again that the SUV was waiting for a different tail number and the pilot to the plane was standing at the counter. The pilot stated that his passenger was in the restroom. So basically, while she was in the restroom our passenger got in her SUV and drove off! At this point I pretty much went and hid in the pilot lounge because nothing good was going to come of being out in the lobby. I went back out to the lobby about 5 minutes later and everyone was gone and all was quiet so I guess things worked themselves out.

Classic dematteo maneuver
by somkapitalac March 21, 2017
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