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small town in nj with half of Brazil and Turkey’s population, people drink this flat coke sugar shit called Boost that will give you diabetes in 3 seconds, also filled with whores, wannabes and fake trolls. (ex: 45 year old dads wearing backwards basebeall caps, 16 year olds who vape in the high school bathrooms like fucking idiots, soccer moms who constantly post on Facebook about their children and how good they are at soccer) also home of majority of the college dropouts bc every teen is spoiled as fuck & can’t function properly when they are away from Delran for 35 minutes. homecoming is also a huge deal
Delran, New Jersey is the town of fuckups, the rare people who are successful would be dumb to ever stay in this shithole.” Delran New Jersey- shithole of the east coast
by Darla3588 April 21, 2018
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