A terrible boudist teacher that nobody likes, really bad teeth and makes fucked up jokes
Girl 1: Omfg what day is the first day of school?

Girls 2: day 2, fuck I have (a) Delorme :(

Girl 1: that’s sucks
by Wattaguy101 January 3, 2018
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The cutest hottest guy you will ever know. He is smart, funny, lovable and sporty. He plays volleyball ,track and field badminton, basketball, and every other sport.... he should totally date girls who are his friend and has a name starting with"S"
Dang do you see Marek Delorme today playing volleyball??? He was on FIRE!!!
by looooooooolllllooooo November 28, 2019
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To be the poorest and stupidest of them all. The king of poverty.

There is no greater shame than to be called a Mike Delorme.
hey did you hear back from the bank?

Yeah they're for closing my home. Guess you could call me Mike Delorme now.
by Fish mail February 6, 2016
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