A tall guy with long brown hair. Loves to read fictional books. Delacroix tells many dad joke.
Guy: wow delacroix has such beautiful hair.
Girl: ya, it would look better if he Combs it
by Wygio you August 24, 2017
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Finest Jungkook F/c On Krp .
Luther Delacroix ; Thy homie should neva snitch on thy homies chick because thy homie was out smashing anotha bitch "
- nigglations 13:50
by Jungquavious ! March 16, 2021
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ugly ass bitch ass shit pants mother fucker trucker ducker go die in hell bitch ass gorilla lookin ass bubble gum dum dumb ugly ass bitch ass gorilla head
Trump is such a Delacroix
by BeatriceMarieMilton May 28, 2022
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