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A task a gay man or lesbian may perform prior to a visit to their home by family members and/or people they aren't completely out to. It may involve hiding porn, group pictures of oneself with a dozen shirtless friends drinking margaritas in a pool, pictures of oneself in drag, more porn, glittery holiday cards with sexually suggestive notes written inside, issues of OUT magazine and, occasionally, ones current boyfriend or girlfriend.
I can't meet you for drinks tonight Jason, half my family is coming for Christmas and it's gonna take me two days to degay this place.
by Sean 77 December 18, 2007
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to remove all of the gay paraphenalia from the living area when one's straight children come to visit.
At the holidays, I had to de-gay the house to avoid having my kids freaking out when they see my coffee table of Locker Room Nudes.
by DOOLguy May 04, 2009
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