when a song goes from being slow to being really intense and WOAHHH
little white lies by one direction after nialls part is a beat drop
by rnoswknsiwis December 28, 2013
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Yabadaboobap 😭🔫 yabadababadawatawoowap 😖
Ur mom: Why are you sad?
by Ur._Mommy July 10, 2021
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We didn't get to drop beats after the club last night.

I dropped beats with my girl on your couch last night.

We were droppin' beats in her back seat last night.
by The Anticamel August 5, 2008
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A Ball sack slapping a pussy while getting pounded.

Guy 1. When he is fucking her, there isn't music.

Guy 2. Yeah he can't drop beats he as to go around.
by hateonme! July 14, 2008
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Dude you've never heard about Drop Beats Not Bombs? You gotta google it!

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