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when a man stuffs a sock in his pants or wears a cup to impress women with his penis size he has a decepticock. Usually linked to a man with a tiny penis.
Girl 1: "So I went out with Jason last night and then we went back to his place....

Girl 2: OMG! how was he?

Girl 1: Totally a decepticock.
by poopy mcwriggles February 25, 2011
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1. A cock that looks deceptively small, but once it's full sized can create a river of bludge.

2. A man who manages to consistently convince women he's sensitive, and predictably turns into a bastard when he has slept with them.
Baby don't be fooled, this decepticock will ruin you

Baby don't be fooled, he's a decepticock.
by rickster rick March 20, 2010
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One who stuffs his pants to look like his genitalia is bigger than it really is.
She thought she was getting lucky but he turned out to be a Decepticock.
by C4pta1n Am3r1c4 February 06, 2015
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