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the reverse of a jagerbomb where one shot of red bull is added to a short glass full of jagermeister.

side affects include vomiting, death or the penultimate... waking up next to a fat ugly whale.
real men drink deathbombs... especially when they're munting.
by Ice X November 05, 2008
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A fart that can kill, usually in an areobics class, while stretching somebody bends over and lays a deathbomb, a fart that mixed with the smell of sweat is so powerfully gross that it has the ability to completely knock out the whole room.
YOu might not want to try areobics
"okay ladies, now for our middle streatch!" says intructor
"O my God, i cant breath"
" All 911 !!!!"
silence due to death
2 hours later...
"Yep, someome layed a deathbomb"
by urkal January 17, 2007
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