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An online zombie RP game in which you can create a charater, buy weapons and supplies, and kick zombie ass.
I killed some zombies yesterday on dead frontier.
by masqueradex7 February 04, 2010
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An MMORPG, known as Dead Frontier, free to play and enjoy. This game, established by AdminPwn and an ex-coder associate of his. This game was released of 2008. This game has gone from a classic 2D layout, to a new 3D design with Unity Web Player, allowing your video cards to provide the graphics, rather then the browser itself.

This game not only allows players who play little to purchase some in game items, but all items that are in the credit shop can be purchased in game! You may even purchase credits in game from the market for a very reasonable game cash price.

Survivors have made a counter-attack and are fighting for their lives. Will you survive?
Let's party up with some friends and go pwn some zombie bones on Dead Frontier!
by armyguyvince June 03, 2010
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