Is also a christian band, as many are unaware of...
So is Underoathand Haste the day as well.
Several bands are Chridtian, such as Dead Poetic, although several people are unaware.
by Adorkably_Dyslexic_Fish September 30, 2005
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Great music, great lyrics, Great Band!


"Lie where you won’t see yourself in that way.
And we’ll ride to somewhere.

All we are is paralyzed from the face down.
We’re still alive with our fake smiles.
When the camera’s away."
by gracied October 6, 2007
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A good band that used to have more of a hardcore influence. Now they are tearing up the rock and screamo world.
by wickedax May 8, 2005
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and vanitys got a new gun that she want to try on you!!
by andrew April 7, 2005
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