A relatively big size for a woman. But there are many types of dd, so dd being one size and only one size in particular is incorrect.

A dd cup is a size of breasts in which the typical difference between the under-bust and the over-bust is 5 inches/12.7 cm.

A dd cup is perfectly fine and okay-looking to any size. There is nothing bad if a dd cup on any body type looks too big or too small. unlike mister 9inchdickman said.

If you think one dd cup woman's breasts are saggy and have stretch marks, and immediately assume that all dd cup ladies' breasts are saggy and have stretch marks, then you might need to get more bitches and touch grass than just whine about other ladies' breast size online. I for one, do have dd cups, and mine aren't saggy nor have stretch marks.
James: Damn, those boobs are huge. Are they DD-Cups?
Claire: Yes, but James, you are my husband of 2 years, how come you haven't known?
James: Claire, I'm sorry I thought you'd have small breasts because you're skinny. I've only noticed recently when you use your revealing clothes around me more.
Claire: It's fine James, now let's go to the bedroom.
James: Okay Clare.

Then they happily fucked, with Claire's dd cups that are "too big" for her skinny body.
by dobydoby August 14, 2023
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Too big of boobs for a small body ... Fattening to an average body, & pathetic looking to a fat or obese body
Grant - "I'm a boob guy--I love a DD cup"
Ty - " Have you seen them in real life before? They're saggy & have stretch marks --- a C cup is pretty much perfect or even a b or an A, especially when it's a skinny girl -- fuckin' hot to cum all over -- girls like that are even better to cum all over "
Grant - "really ??"
Ty - "yeah -- even Jennifer Lopez & Kendall Jenner have B cups"
Grant - "dang I wanna get with a small chested girl"
by 9inchdickman April 14, 2016
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