chassis code for 94-01 acura/honda integra
eg6=92-95 civic hatchbacks
a80=93-98 supra
fd3s=93-96 rx-7s
by Paytuh December 15, 2003
the chasis code for the 94-01 (2nd gen) acura/honda integra.
the dc2 is in initial d which is not a drifting it is a racing game. if it were a drifting game the dc2 and other fwd would not be in it. also the supra chasis code is jza80.
by mzdpwr August 18, 2004
a car made by acura and/or honda, which appears in the drift racing game, initial D, however, is the cheapest car in the game
your DC2 only beat me bcuz of the stupid bug, cheater.
by A [Renaissance] April 4, 2004
A white male that can power-clean your house, whip a Kia Soul and get more bitchs then your tax return
Damn I feel like dc2 not a bitch
by Jiggly chopstick February 26, 2021