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The best place in the world to find good food and good video games.
Man, I went to Dave and Busters last night and played so many games, I got a gold card.
by anononmous October 12, 2006
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Essentially Chuck E. Cheese for the older crowd. There's a lot of fun shit to do, from the jump rope machine to Deal or No Deal to guitar hero. Like Chuck E. Cheese, you get tokens (although on a swiping card, not actual coins) to spend on simple, but enjoyable games. Unfortunately, also like Chuck E. Cheese, the food is mediocre and it feels like it takes half an hour to 45 minutes to get your food. One could say that that's the point, that they want you to go out and play around before your meal, but sadly, that always forces one person to be left out as they wait for the meal and watch everyone's stuff.
Shannon: I had fun with Lenny last night and Dave and Buster's!
Frank: Oh?
Shannon: Yeah, we won lots of tickets and got a few trinkets. My fries were cold, though, and Lenny barely got any sauce on his spaghetti.
Frank: That sucks.
Shannon: Not as bad as it did for Jane; We said we'd take turns table watching, but we forgot and she ended up sitting there for nearly an hour.
by Lillianastopcrying August 02, 2010
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