A list of people with whom one has had sex with more than one time. "Dating history" is distinct from "list of one night stands" in that sex was completed on more than one occasion. "Dating history" is distinct from working as a concubine in that cash payments are generally not made by the male. "Dating history" is similar to working as a concubine in that payment is made by the male for sex by either buying food for the female and/or feigning interest in what the female says. "Dating history" has a shorter timeline than "in a relationship".
Note: parents believe that the definition of "dating", if the male is a teen, means "having fun", not sex.
from Cheatsheet.com: A look back at Ariadne Grande's dating history.
from Cosmopolitan.com: Taylor Swift's dating history.
by 2020forever August 01, 2020
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The mental "list" of all of the people somebody has dated.
"Should I go out with Kaley or do you think she's a slut?"

I dunno bro, shes got a long date history.
by laxer6 June 07, 2011
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