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Danaysha is a bad bitch who don’t take shit from nobody. She is a great person to be around and her energy is always positive. She is beautiful beyond words and not to mention the bitch is thicc asf. She is a person you can always go to if you ever need someone and she is always true to her word. She is a strong and independent person but every once and a while puts that aside to embrace her emotions. If you don’t have a Danaysha you most definitely are missing out and need to go find your ass one, but not my danaysha :)
Wow man Danaysha is such a snack.
Bro Danaysha stole my ice ceem sammich!
by Danaysha March 31, 2018
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Amazing Woman With Beautiful Hazel Eyes, Makes You Fall Inlove With One Look.
Don't look at her, she has that DaNaysha effect .
by WhatYourHandle?? June 18, 2018
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