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The sexy lead singer/guitarist and main song writer of the band Ok Go. attended Brown university and studied possibly the most useless thing ever, semiotics.I mean really, in what way could anyone possibly use that in their life? ever?(other than for making such awesome films as Velvet Goldmine)

He's a fantastic songwriter with a pretty awesome understanding of melody. rocks so hard on stage he perpetually rips his pants.

Used to work for NPR. has sexy hair. is almost thirty but looks about 25. Talks really weird. If he were gay would be hot with rufus wainwright. continues to make an appearance in the sexually charged fantasies of college aged girls.

Has really long else. is really into patterns right now (circa the relase of Oh No). Does most of Ok Go's interviews. Is incredibly manic, digresses more than any normal person and is absolutely hilarious.
m: I liek chemistry
a: i like Damian Kulash
m: i like Damian and
a: actually no because chemistry makes you a total dork.
by Mandy May 05, 2006
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The extremely awesome lead singer of the indie-rock band OK Go. Recently forming their own record label, Paracadute, meaning "upwards", (Damian's second favorite word), they recently released their third album, "Of the Blue Colour of the sky." The name of this album was inspired by a faux-medical book written at the turn of the 20th century, relating the health effects of, as the title suggests, "the blue colour of the sky."

Damian tends to be more feminine than masculine, continually wearing too-short shirts and tight pants. However, his adorable femininity paired with his erratic speech patterns making him undeniably sexy.
Armed with a creative flair, after spending years in art-camp and his college experience at Brown studying semiotics, much of OK Go's focus revolves around not only the music, but visual components as well.

As Damian has said in different interviews, the band's main focus is making "cool shit."
Damian has a strong political side to him, and he often makes statements and writes articles (including one for the New York Times) about net-neutrality, something that it appears only he understands. He also strongly advocates animal protection, and lives with his two "business partner" dogs in Los Angeles.

Damian has been recently divorced after his relationship with his wife was pushed to it's limit with years of touring and being away from home. Most of his lyrics in "OTBCOTS" are about the end of their relationship.
Person 1: Damian Kulash is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!
Person 2: I know. I can't even handle it.
by fakinbacon March 20, 2011
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