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the word damali means a girl that is fiesty. Real fierce so you should deff stay away from her when she is PMSing. she's probably good at sports too. and there is only one of her.
i am damali
by damarisluv77 December 03, 2010
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A ugly ass bitch who thinks she runs the world and sometimes needs to sit her ass down somewhere.
Friend: Damn mali a bitch
Damali: wtf you say post up nigga
Friend: Ok but yo ass don't do nothin tho?
Damali: well imma do somethin to yo ass today
Friend: ight then
Damali: -walks away from fight- Yea sit yo ass down
Friend: -. - she one dumb muthafucka
by bABBYYYlOvesUrMoMaAa June 21, 2018
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