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Though originally a term denoting an internet spoof-religion, akin to Recreational Christianity, it has, through common usage, evolved into more of a disparaging slur against jubilant fundamentalist Christians in general, and Charismatic Christians in particular. It is aimed at those whose over-simplification of Christian dogma appear to, in all actuality, complicate it. It is a way of saying "You're world-view is so far removed from conventional reality, that you are not even worth debating." Synonymn: clicker.
"I hate to condescend like this, but with your obviously Dake-Bonoist views, I may as well be discussing politics with Jimmy Swaggart."
by Rev. Christian Martyn December 15, 2004
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Dake-Bonoism is a modern synthesis of the pentecostal teachings of the late Rev. Finis Jennings Dake and lyrical writings of Bono (singer for the popular band U2).

Dake-Bonoists are known to practice a variation of the glossolalia called clicking. It is different that other manifestations of tongue talking because it is done by clicking ones tongue against the soft-palate while cupping the hands across the mouth.
That Carman guy has to be a Dake-Bonoist. That boy can click like there is no tomorrow!
by skip November 07, 2002
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