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The uberly awesome word made by Blastoise and Horus on the game of Everquest 2. The word is pretty awesome and it pisses alot of people off, so use it whenever you can even if you don't know the definition.

The origin of the word is that two awesome gamers make new characters on Everquest 2, Everfrost server, just to screw around and stuff. And they run around owning everything up and seriously kicking ass. And they see this guy named Dair, and they run up to him and yell, "HEY DAIR?! YOU'RE A NOOB!!" After ten minutes of laughing on the phone, the words dair and noob became as one, just like the spirit and the mind during kung fu. Anyways...

The definition of this godly word is no more than noob, multiplied by infinity. If somebody is called this word, it means they are the most noob person on the planet, and therefore suck ass. Use the world people, it needs to get popular, it's pretty awesome. Use it on RPGs, FPSs, RTSs, and on AIM. It's hilarious. Don't get let people know the definition until they give in and admit that they're a dairnoob, even though they don't know what it is! It's awesome!

That's the definition dairnoobs, wait for the examples.
Wow, that dairnoob Paladin just lost to a level 58 Warrior, and he has full tier 1.

HAHA! That dairnoob just aggroed Vox.

Loot the damn shinies you dairnoobs.

You just bombed the raid you dairnoob, GTFO.

Kills the suns you freaking dairnoobs.

LMAO, that dairnoob just flameshocked Vael.

LOL, that dairnoob guild just wiped on Luci.

Wow, don't chase after runners you dairnoob.

You're a freaking dairnoob, you don't know what the AH is.

Natalie and Sida are both dairnoobs.

Runescape is for dairnoobs.
by W i E g S o T r N June 05, 2006
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