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2 in the goop, one in the poop. 2 in the stink and one in the pink. frequently used by Team Shocker.
flip it and rip it, if she talks shit then shock shit
by SNHU April 29, 2004
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Stick yo Pinky in da ass and yo index and middle finga in the pussay!!!!!!!!!!
i gave mai bitch da shocka and she cried
by Rollie York August 21, 2006
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2 in the puss and 1 in the butt. however, this sign that is made with the hands has also become one of the gang signs for the BTC a small gang in Eugene, OR, the three fingers is a symbol for the gang as it works as the symbol for the letter 'E' for 'Eugene'. They flash this sign at passing cars and in videos and at parties to let the community know who runs the city.

The main difference between da shocka and the gang sign and a WC or EC sign, is the distance and formation between fingers. a normal shocka is index and middle are together, EC/WC is completely seperate, very spread. the BTC symbol has the index finger about an inch spread form the middle finger.
A: Dude, that guy just gave me da shocka when he drove by!
B: naw man, that was an 'E'.
A: Oh Shit! it's the BTC!
B: Let's get the fuck outa here!
by lzfreshtadeath May 11, 2008
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