1. douche bag(colloq.), esp. a big one
2. A traitor
3. A two-faced person
4. Turncoat
Eric is a D-bag...and a big one at that.

This was first created by me(Pete) while playing Tony Hawk Underground. The character Eric was referred to as an A-face. Then I thought, "Why not d-bag as well?" My brother and i have been using it ever since, and I have spread it to my friends.
by Pete Cothron November 01, 2005
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The term Dwane-bag(shortened to D-bag, but this is commonly recognized as douche bag) came from an offhand threat made one night while waiting for concert tickets. With its origins coming from the act of tea bagging. The process of Dwane-bagging involves waiting for a sleeping person to open their mouth, the Dwane-bagger the puts his/its(in case the act is performed by a gender confused individual) balls in the person’s mouth, essentially having them lick the balls, and then proceeds to defecate on the Dwane-baggee’s face/eyes. While the act of Dwane-bagging could be done by a female but as there are: 1. No Balls and 2. This is probably already a form of Japanese scat play. The effect of the shaming is lost. Also see the reverse Dwane-bag, a process involving a normal tea bagging and the act of defecating in the mouth.
If Matt Stone and Trey Parker ever see what a D-bag really I'm sure they'll have Cartman do it to Butters.
by Dan Opper May 29, 2005
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A highly versatile word with both noun and adjective forms. In the noun form, it is a derogatory expression often used between friends, and as an adjective, it is more often used to refer to someone being a poontang.
Dude, Craig, you are such a fucking dbag.
Man, Paul was being real fucking dbagish last night when he pussied out on shot for shot.
by Noor June 30, 2003
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Noun - 1. Shortened version of the phrase, "douche bag". 2. Shortened version of the phrase, "dick bag".
1 - Did you see that tea-bagger with the coyboy hat?
2 - Yeah, he was a real d bag.
by Mylk November 22, 2006
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Shortened term for "douchebag". Any person who acts in a stupid, ridiculous, foolish, or unsatisfactory manner. A true nuisance in society.
Did you just see that guy use a lame pick-up line on that girl?

Yeah, what a d-bag.
by Livmeister January 14, 2009
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