Person 1: I put extra sugar in your coffee.

Person 2: omggg that makes me so happy to hear!!! d:D
by katieballsss September 26, 2010
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an emoticon which represents a manic-depressive person.

derived from this crazed-looking :D emoticon combined with this ridiculously disappointed-with-life D: emoticon.

particularly useful when you are talking about a bipolar/manic depressive person, but are far too lazy to spell out either of the above words OR when you're feeling happy and sad about something.
Bob: that girl we met last night was so annoying. i would've slept with her if her mood swings weren't so ridic.

Dan: yeah. she must be D:D


Samantha: HOLY SHIT! i got into the most legit boarding school ever!...but i have to move all the way to Uganda and i won't see you for like 6ish years!

Scarlet: D:D... BALLS!
by taylorashleigh February 28, 2010
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