(Noun) A synonym for nigger. Used predominately by Polish-Americans (or Polacks), the term Czud (pronounced chud), is derived from the Polish word for black, "czarnuch." It is used to describe the lazy, fat, uneducated, welfare sucking, baby factory, and/or illiterate assholes with African-American ancestry. Polacks use the term "Czud" as a discrete way to refer to jungle bunnies when in a public setting as to avoid alerting coon gangbangers or abolitionist.
Stawho: "I just had some czuds move in across dee street from me!"
Chester: "Oh shit! You bedder get dee fuck out of derr Stawho!!"
Stawho: "You got dat right Chet, dem Czuds ruin everything!"
Chester: "Dose Czuds will steal all of dee flamingos off of your lawn if you don't dere!!"
Stawho: "Dis neighborhood is going to shit! Stella and I are going ta pack up dee family and move to dee suburbs!"
Stella: "Stawho, get your dupa in dee house!! It's time to eat dah kielbasa and pierogies!!"
by CaptS0bieski January 27, 2014
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