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A mash-up of "cyber" and "siphon", describing the movement of attention from meatspace to cyberspace. As a noun, it could be any site (social or not) that draws attention away from meatspace. You don't necessarily need to be in front of a screen to be affected by a cyphon. Your continued use of a social site could change the fundamental way you act and interact within meatspace, e.g. having lunch with your friend and trying not to let the gorgeous plate of fries cypyhon your attention to what filter you'd want to use when you post a picture of it to Instagram.

Specifically, the word cyphon is about how meatspace is augmented, detracted from or otherwise enhanced and diminished by the various online worlds that reflect and inform our daily lives.
This party was great until Jack cyphoned everyone to Facebook with his posting of Jill hurling in the back yard.
by tracyshaun July 29, 2013
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