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1.a sex godess
2. sumthing that is hot dude that girl is a cyndar
2. man i wish i was on cyndar
by mike kostive April 12, 2004
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A gorgeous girl who's got her own. She's loved by everyone & isn't afraid to stand out. She has lots of confidence & likes being in large crowds of people. She has a TON of bestfriends & is extremely well liked. Her kisses are like fire & guys are drawn to her like a magnet. Her eyes are incredible, So beautiful. She trusts easily & gets over things quickly. Shes captivating. Shes the popular one in school & just goes with the flow. She may have had a hard life, But she's moving on. Friends and family-->(Some) Are her world and she wouldn't trade them for anything. She's a church kinda girl & god has a pretty big impact on her life. She's no doubt going to be a successful person(: People love her & she loves that. She's the cheerleader type, The kind who isn't afraid to do anything. She's sweet, Kind, & fun to be around. She's CRAZY!, & Will try anything just about once. She's gorgeous girl who is slightly goofy & really crazy in all areas of her life; never forgotten & always lovable(:
"She's such a Cynda, So beautiful"!
"Woooow that Cynda is hott"!
by LoveThatNamee September 10, 2010
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1. Someone who is physically modest yet mentally superior to any standard human.
2. A highly advanced alien human hybrid.
3. An alien overlords public relations device.
1. Only a Cynda beats me at Scrabble but hates being told that she is hot.
2. She gives me the creeps and is wicked smart, she must be a Cynda.
3. That Cynda makes reptilian slave masters sound like a good thing.
by iconoclast1111 March 31, 2008
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one who stashes or assists in some capacity the stashing of mad loot
1: dude, that cynda just hooked me up
2: really?
1: ya, that guy really stashes mad loot
by medeivalrokr2kh December 21, 2005
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