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<boy> hi i use cygnus
<girl> wanna go out?
by onomono July 21, 2003
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A term referring to a misshaped male genitalia. A Cygnus occurs when the shaft shortens and becomes many times wider at the base while the tip makes flat, often resembling an upside down tea-cup.

Further symptoms of Cygnus can be an over-inflated ego, an urge to complain about everything and a constant need to wear womens thong underwear backwards.

Some scientists thought that Cygnus or Cygni were caused from rapid and repetitive masturbation. But new studies show that it is caused when a lowly male attempts to sodomize an unwilling prostitute of the same sex.
"You know if you keep trying this you might develop a cygnus"

"Oh My GOD, is that a cygnus....gross!"

"is that a tea cup in your pocket or are you just hap.... oh ugh.. it's a Cygnus sorry"
by C-Boomers March 08, 2010
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