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when a meatpuppet fantasizes about a hot chick giving him head.
meatpuppet : I teased her into giving me cyberhead.

audience: you da man!
by feral BH August 26, 2007
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A walking encyclopedia of knowledge gathered from the web.

Practically everything John knows came to him through web searches and research. He is a cyber-head.
{intelligence} {knowledgeable} {cyber-head}
by bentrying April 05, 2011
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A Cyberhead is someone who is obsessed with their smartphone and/or social media.
Cyberheads can be found anywhere, in a coffee shop, on the metro, or walking down the street. Cyberheads are characterized by their almost-unblinking gaze that is locked on their handheld devices.
Many Cyberheads document every little thing in real life using their smartphone camera; whether it be mundane or remotely interesting, they collect moments of their life that lose value the second they pull out their phones and hit record.
Cyberheads are constantly on social media. If a Cyberhead forgets to carry their smartphone with them somewhere- expect a meltdown.
A Cyberheads phone almost never dies- it's always charging, and they will most likely bring a charger with them everywhere.
Many Cyberheads unabashedly speak in memes, and their version of humor and joking follows the format of a meme.
If you suspect someone is a Cyberhead, ask them, "When was the last time your phone dropped to 5% battery life or died?" If their answer is "Never," they are most likely a Cyberhead.
You can provoke a Cyberhead and bring out their true colors by doing something funny, or out of the ordinary, then coaxing them by saying, "Imagine if you got that on Snapchat?!"
If they become excited, they are most likely a Cyberhead, if they ask you to re-enact your funny, clumsy or spontaneous moment so they can document it through their smartphone camera- they are definitely a Cyberhead.
Sally: Oh my god you need to meet my friend Janice, she's so funny!
Frank: Well, invite her the next time were going out!
Helen: I will! But let me show you some Snapchats I took of her!!
Frank: Uhhh... okay? (Helen is such a Cyberhead... Why can't she just allow Janice to show me her sense humor herself- in real life? Can life ever surprise me anymore?)
by trashtalk09 June 28, 2018
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