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Cyber Patrol. N. A fascist internet filtering service bent on spreading the words of late Adolf Hitler to schools and homes accross America.
by Horodrim Alex, Historian October 21, 2003
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The spawn of Satan. A stupid censorware program that blocks most everything for violence. Only for overprotective, unfair parents who want their child's reputation go down in flames because their friend can't visit a website.
Cyber Patrol: We block violence, swearing, nudity, drugs, alcohol, satanism, hacking, chatrooms, free speech, computers, Cyber Patrol, Led Zeppelin, dairy products, sanity, music, play-doh, violence, violence, holidays, Buddhism, Christianity, pnats, your body and you, schooling, a proper education, children, safety, weapons, a family dinner, Jimi Hendrix, television, video games, words that contain at least one vowel, entertainment, violence, the internet, your friends, pda access, scholarships, violence, the king, your president, products by Mattel, your family, products by Microsoft or Apple, your mp3 player, your digital camera, your video camera, your cd player, your cds, telephone use, guitar use, drum use, writing documents on other computers, school computers, public computers, censorware programs, your dvd player access, celebration of holidays, spent time with your girlfirend/boyfriend, amount of air you use daily, a roof above your head, the food at your table, and everything in between, for the protection fo your child!
by Yeah fuck off March 25, 2005
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Internet filtering software that prevents the prurient minded from visiting donkey rape and warez sites on pcs that they don't own.
O noes cyber patrol!! now i cant go to my fave violent buttsecks sites on this public library pc :(
by Lucifer Cockfun August 18, 2006
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