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It's girls who used to be goth,emo,and punk but decided to change their style.The stores they shop at are Hollister,Aeropostale,Pac Sun,Zumiez,Urban Outfitters,Marshalls,rue 21,forever 21.They buy Hello Kitty,cutesy girly makeup and nail polish,and those little bowtie hair clips all from Hot Topic.They hardly even wear the stuff they buy at Hot Topic.Their style is Preppy and Skateboarder with a touch of glam and Scene.They're sort of girly but they're also sort of punky too.They wear Roxy stuff.They buy tote bags from Pac Sun that are Billabong or Volcom and they wear nice cute blouses with it from the Skater or preppy stores.They wear black nail polish and eyeliner.They like all different types of animal-print in all diffent colors.They love to wear designer scarves from thrift stores.They wear them with an Aeropostale or Hollister T-shirt or hoodie With light-colored ripped jeans and a cute pair of leopard-print flip-flops and their tote bag from the skater store.They often have their toenail polish in a bright funky hot pink when they wear flip-flops.They listen too emo and screamo bands.They dye their hair sandy blonde with tons of blended platinum-blonde highlights and choppy ends.They wear black-framed eye-glasses.The kind that emo people wear.The colors that they wear are blue,pink,purple,black,gray,white,brown,red,and orange.They like guys with Tattoos and piercings.They allways wear expensive silver jewelry.They are Sephora and M.A.C. junkies.They love My Chemical Romance.They are allways quiet.They don't like to be bothered.They are catty towards the girls that they think they are better than.They don't get along good with other girls.They get annoyed easily and roll their eyes alot.They can be really friendly sometimes but they hate just about everybody.They hate idiots and ignorant people.But they do like silly,wierd and wacky people that will entertain them.They can either be straight or secretly bisexual.They hate lesbians.They hate stalkers.They are very spoiled they allways have nice clothes and electronics but they are allways miserable.They cry alot because they hate their parents because they have strict Christian parents that ground them for being sassy and snotty,and kick their asses when they don't do as their told,and don't let them do lot's of things.They like all of The Lion King movies.They prefer hot water showers rather than cold water showers.They take them late at night.They stay in for a really long time,fool around,and dilly dally until their fathers scream at them to get out and get ready for bed.Now let's talk about their child hood.They were allways perfect little angels in front of their parents but behind their parents back they were allways getting into mischeif.If their parents ever found out they would get a time out or a spanking.That's how their life was when they were young.When they reach the age of 9 they become more sassy and rebellious but of course they get into lot's of trouble for it.They get yelled at alot by their parents because they are spoiled brats.
I used to be goth,punk,and emo.Now I'm a cuxy babe who gets straight A's and allways hates idiots and ignorant people and I'm a class leader.I'm a good kid but I'm extremely opinionated.
by Brandi Ryan January 10, 2009
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