When a junior or teenager feels so much pain and have no way to express it, and the only way is to cut or in other words, self-harm. They do it because if they tell they're parents the negative things that they wanna get out, they'll get in trouble. And if they tell they're friends, they are afraid that they will tell a paeent or counselour about self-harm. Then people wonder why other people and I wear long-sleeves.
"Anneliese is wearing long-sleeves, that's unusual." Say's Kylee.
"Why?" Say's Midori
"I dont know." Say's Kylee
"I heard she's cutting." Say's Alisa.
by depression&more February 16, 2015
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A group of misfits who have a tendency to screw with people's minds. Their many crimes include peeing in a garbage can, conquering and claming houses in heir name, declaring newfoundland is not a part of canada, filling people's trucks with garbage, cheating in bowling, and throwing pee in people's faces. They are also commonly called the Picks.
Those kids are such a group of Cuttings
Oh no, the Cuttings are here
Who ate my four large pizzas in 30 seconds.
by Wendy-Wes Jacques September 05, 2008
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P1 - What are your healthy coping mechanisms?

P2 - Sometimes I take a hot shower to try to calm down when I get angry.

P1 - What are your unhealthy coping mechanisms?

P2 - When I get angry cutting is my first solution.
by stillmomsgirl September 02, 2008
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The act of cutting your skin, with a knife, razor, etc. It releases endorphins into the brain, "stopping" pain, temporarily. I have a friend who used to cut, but he fortunately stopped. I don't disagree with it, but don't agree either. It's not jumping into the bandwagon, cuters just do it to release emotions, but in my opinion, it's psychological. I believe that there are better ways to release emotions than to slowly kill yourself every day/week.
Cutting is a way to make you un depressed, and is a serious problem.
by shinobi_of_darkness June 17, 2007
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a form of self-harm in which someone drags a sharp object across their skin to cause a wound.

reasons for this self-harm:

1) every time they are bullied or called a name they make a cut

2) they feel as if no one can help them and everyone wants to hurt them so they hurt themselves


(with my best friend)
me: *lifts up pant leg to scratch my leg*
friend: what are those marks on your leg?
me: 0-0 n-nothing
friend: please, tell me..
me: i've been cutting myself (β•―οΈ΅β•°)
friend: *hugs me*
me and my friend: *cries*
by dawaifu January 10, 2015
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Cutting is usually the result of when a person that has a problem, usually that problem is that they lost a person close to them, and often doesn't know what to do. So the easiest thing for them to do is grab a sharp object and find somewhere on there arm and just let out all that pain. Most may say that an "Emo kid" may do it to themselves. WELL THATS A LIE! I am a person that has lived through it and often times it felt really nice and every time I did it it was the best thing that i had ever felt. But I later learned that the reason why i did it was that i lost a person. That made me realize that with one wrong flick of my wrist I could be dead. But that is all that i want to do, is die. It may seem odd but true. Most of the time you will find that you have this same thought. Well not most but some. and trust me the term "The fist cut is the deepest" it is true. But sometimes when that blade hits your skin you cant think its like your body runs only to do that. and trust me it is like an addiction. kind of like herion to Nikki Sixx, it was hard for im to quit yet here he is sober for more then five years. so trust me you dont want to underestimate the ability of one cut
i cant think of any for cutting
by sexy chica 88 January 16, 2009
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Cutting is not something a teen emo does as a trend or to get attention. It something anyone could do to deal with emotional pain such as grief, sadnes, stress, anxiety, depression and other stuff.a

Cutting can also be used by people as a punishment for themselves when they think they do something wrong.

Cutting can be done any where an a body but the most frequent places used are forearms/wrists and thighs.
Sarah mother and father have a bad relationship because of her drug addict and alcoholic father. And she's in a very rough living condition, therefore she is really sad. So she uses cutting as a way to forget about her emotions for a while and focus on the pain on her arm
by DansComingHideYourMemes January 29, 2018
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