long hair indivdual. god like figure smart yet stupid flirtatious! has a way with the ladies usually quiet but loud when comfortable wheres watches.
cuthbert the son of israel tijero
by brian tijero May 27, 2009
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A Cuthbert is usually a guy who is known for being a fuckboi
That guy is such a Cuthbert
by Jeff mom gay October 23, 2018
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A cuthbert is someone who has shit hair and probably doesn't originate in the country they are currently living in. They always follow the popular opinion and they talk too much about said opinion
Wow, that Harry guy is such a cuthbert
by Doggo_wit_a_P90 January 24, 2020
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A BEAUTIFUL young canadian actress who is making big marks in Hollywood.
Dude Elisha is fucking hot.. She's the hottest girl I've ever seen.
by AC March 21, 2005
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The sexiest woman in the world. She was in 24, the best show EVER.
by odj September 9, 2005
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By far the sexiest woman i have EVER seen in my ENTIRE life. She as played in films such as The Girl Next Door, Old School, Airspeed, and TV shows such as Lucky Girl and 24.
Elisha Cuthbert is hot.
by aqueas May 24, 2004
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A name commonly used for a person who is very good at what they do, yet are unknown to the majority of the population.
Before David Beckham became a proffesional footballer, he was a Cuthbert Crappingsdown in his neighbourhood.
by Cuthbert Crappingsdown February 17, 2009
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