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a certain level of attractiveness that a girl embodies. A cute-hot girl is one that has the girl next-door look. This type of girl is the one that guys want to take home to your parents or marry. Cute-hot girls usually don’t possess a killer body or a perfect face, but have an aura to them that makes them hot in a “cute” sense. They usually give off the impression that any guy has a chance with them.
I met these two cute-hot alpha chis from bama named Emma and Kelli the other day. I'm tellin you bro, they were money!
by Piamp September 19, 2005
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A guy who is super cute and well-behaved while you're at school or work, but then when you see him take his shirt off you realize how super hot he is too. Usually has big dark eyes with long lashes, and looks kind of like a baby panda or an African dik-dik.
Oh man, last night I realized how cutehot Kyle is when we ended up back at his place! How come I never noticed this before?
by Cheekteeth March 19, 2010
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