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A curb stop is the valve which the city or municipality has installed to turn the water service off and on to a building .
Some people accidentally mix this word up with curb stomp due to similar sound and spelling, but they have different meanings.
My curb stop is leaking and my lawn is flooded.
by jeraldjimjefferson June 26, 2017
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The act in which an angered or scorned person forces the person who angered them to bite down on a curb and then pushes the head down with their foot untill curb stoped person dies or breaks their jaw. Also know as a Philadelphia Smile.
Annie; "did you hear that crazy girl Melony curbstopped Cameron?"
Jade: "don't let her hear you talking about that, she'll curb stop you to."
by dontcurbstopmeplease August 19, 2009
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