(touching) (cupping) (sneaky)(feeling up) (2nd base) To feel someone up but you do it in a sneaky way because you don't want then to know your feeling them up.
john : hey you dropped your pen

Amy : yeah *bends over to pick up pen*

John : -cups a feel-

Amy : did you just cup a feel?

John : NO! you just had something on your butt i was only wiping it off

Amy: oh hahaha thanks
by yahhhh April 17, 2008
To sneakily touch someone's breasts or butt without their knowing.

Secretly second base-ing someone.
Example 1:
Zac Efron did a "Cup a feel" move to Vanessa Hudgens in the second "High School Musical Movie".

Vanessa: *singing* I'VE GOT TO MOVE ON AND BE WHO I AM!

Zac: *hugs her from behind and touches her boobs with his arms* *thinking* YESSS!

Example 2:

Bob: Ooh! That's a pretty necklace, Kayla! *Grabs the necklace while touching a lot of Kayla's "chest area" while doing so*

Kayla: Uh... thanks?
by Apple Person With A Tan May 28, 2009