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The traditions, beliefs, and social behavior of a select group of Americans who believe theirs to be either better developed or more important. Most often this applies to movie, music, furniture, clothing, book, and hobby taste (obviously, this is an incomplete list). Usually these people communicate in such a way that makes them a cunt.
"Did you see the new Wes Anderson movie? It blew my mind. Although, I still prefer his earlier work."
"I'm going to see Neutral Milk Hotel tonight. Their lyrics alone justify them as a top ten caliber band. What? I can't believe you haven't heard of them!"
"I liked the book better. The Cohen brothers did their best, but no one can truly do justice to Cormack McCarthy's prose."
"It's vintage."
"I love Faulkner."
"I've started playing the didgeridoo."
These are all symptomatic of that cunture we all know and love...

by scootereater March 04, 2008
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The overpriced fashion favored by teenage twats. Can be seen in malls throughout the world.
Can you believe they charge 75 bucks for a t-shirt? That juicy cunture bullshit is wrecking this country.
by Ludditeright September 06, 2010
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