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Cuntcore (aka: Cuntrock) is a genre of female driven music founded by front woman Vain Jayne of the She-Devils (formerly Baby Jayne), circa 1997. Originally, the definition in essence, was a humorous play on the term "Cock rock". As the band developed the term carried over with the band's name change in early 1999, and the She-Devils were now defining a new genre of music while taking stance against the Riot Grrrl movement.

A former Riot Grrrl herself, Vain Jayne dropped from the scene after experiencing first-hand sexual discrimination against her male bandmates and the failure to respect individualistic differences when the She-Devils were invited to play the 1999 Riot Grrrl Convention in Memphis, Tennessee.

"Riot Grrrl embraced a whole new feminist movement by promoting equality between the sexes in the male-driven world of rock-n-roll. In later experiences I discovered this was not the case at all. Riot Grrrl is just another name for male-hate, female driven angst. While the original intentions were good ideals, the truth to the situation is quite ugly and fell far from it's expectations.

I now understand why reputable bands such as Hole, Babes In Toyland, and L7 refused to be lumped into the genre. While I realize that there may be some out there who truly believe and uphold these ideals, the majority does not. I strongly urge any self-proclaimed "Grrrl" out there to re-think their position and involvement with this group." Jayne said.

The She-Devils were the first band to be published under the newly founded Cuntcore genre as recorded in the Midwest Music Directory, and Nil8 member Bruce Williams' Orange Juice Records, in 2000. Soon after, a plethora of girl bands started popping up screaming "Cuntcore" as their new feminist genre. After releasing their debut cd, "Drugtrash", the She-Devils felt that is was time to step back and begin getting more serious about their music and in doing so dropped away from the genre it created. Today you will find girl bands, and oddly enough some male groups, using the definition.

"I'm not happy how it ended up being manipulated. It was as if these new bands coming into the genre twisted Cuntcore back into the direction Riot Grrrl was headed. I will not be responsible nor to blame for a group of angsty females with an unfounded case of male-hate. I'm not a feminist, I am an equalist, and that was what it was all about." Jayne said. "It was beautiful while it lasted."
Cuntcore is a genre of female driven music aimed towards Equalism.
by VainJayne.Com October 25, 2006
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Cunt Core is a style of Hardcore punk music that was created by Scottish (Ayrshire) band Dogs Abuse. It is basically a cross between d-beat and Chaos punk. Cunt core is Noise Not Music, Cunt core make's you wanna sniff glue like it's 1982.
Discharge, Disclose, Anti-Cimex, Chaos UK, Disorder + Anti-Social Behaviour Disorders = cunt core.
by Baz Bakunin September 05, 2008
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