Adj. (Australian vulg.) A short term psychological condition where a male will willingly forego social opportunities with other males (watching sport, drinking etc.) in order to enjoy sexual relations with a new female lover.
Where's Harry? I thought he wouldn't miss this (sporting event) for the world!

Nah mate, it's not surprising, he's totally cunt struck. He hasn't left the house for a week. Her name's Briony. Nice tits.

No shit?

(Australian slang) When a sexually deprived bloke who would not normally be interested in a particular woman takes on a sudden obsession with her after any form of sexual encounter, often as simple as catching a glimpse up her skirt.
Why is Joe trying to pants that troll?

He got the full view when she stacked it on the stairs and now he's cunt struck.
by Burettosan February 3, 2009
when a guys completly obsessed with the chick he screwing. he follows her around like a lost puppy, and can't notice when she does something wrong.
the story of samson,
"oh no its my wog brothers and all thier lebo mates :o
and i accidentaly tied you to a weaving loom :("

he just couldn't see to get rid of her cause he was the biggest cunt struck retard around.
by charlie! September 15, 2007
I was cunt-struck after seeing Thatcher on tv the other night.
by Dunky Oggins October 31, 2003
being distracted by a lady so much that it lands you in a precarious or dangerous situation.
I was so cunt struck, staring at her, that I nearly got run over by a car

My girlfriend came over, I didn't notice her clock me checking out this other girl because I was so cunt struck.
by simo1863 April 14, 2011
A beautiful double ended phrase...

1 - The horrible situation where a good guy gets into a relationship with an dickhead of a girl. He follows her around like a puppy & is blind as to how much of a cunt she really is. Emotional cunt-struckery.

2 - Guy is not in a relationship with her, she's a dickhead but is letting him get some punany time. Strictly sexual cunt struckage.
"Why did he just propose to that cunt Vanessa?"

"Dunno dude, he's all Cunt Struck over her"
"When will he ever learn??"

"Why is he hooking up with that cunt Vanessa?"
"Dunno dude, he's getting some serious pussy time & gone all Cunt Struck"
by Suit&Tie February 27, 2013
I was immediately and overwhelmingly cunt-struck at first sight of her.
by RFazio September 29, 2022