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When you, after making out with a girl, do not manage to make fucky with her, so you rid yourself of blue balls by fapping, which leads to elation greater than that which the girl could have supplied, but you create a confabulation of how you rocked the daisies with her in order to impress your friends.
Bro 1: Mine dude, did it come to thine ears that Louis and Esranel were partaking in Coitus?
Bro 2: Ye, but methinks it be but a weeny cumfapelation.
Bro 1: Perchance true, Louis has distinguished himself as quite the accomplished swindler.
Bro 2: Yah, he be a cunt.
Bro 1: Bro
Bro 2: Bro
by consciousnessisanillusion February 14, 2018
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