The droplets one exudes from one's penis in an excited manner. Cumdrops can be found in the Peruvian rainforests of Nepal and also in your unwashed sheets.
Wow, thats a nasty case of cumdrops!

Wow, i got cumdrops in my eye, oh the pain, oh the humanity
by david miller June 22, 2003
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Way better than gumdrops in the opinion of most
I asked my boyfriend if he was thirsty but he said no, so I had to ejaculate my precious cumdrops all over the floor.
by wadiwalker April 1, 2018
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When cum drips out of a pussy usually in the form of a drop
Karren waited for the cumdrop to fall out of Lori's pussy that david shot into her pussy.
by mesohorny September 5, 2002
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A gang bang in which after the white woman has arousaled a bunch of black males enough, they take turns cumming on a gumdrop castle and then shove it down the white girls throat.
"I heard Susan got the cumdrop castle last night"

"Thats why her throat was bulged out?!?"
by Dickgraysonsdick March 29, 2017
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After you cum inside her pussy and 5-10 min after she's walking it starts seaping out and she has to clamp her legs together to grab something to wipe
(Walking....) Stop ... Uh oh! It's coming out, I need to cumdrop clamp it!
by Farrington May 9, 2016
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this originated around 1980 in a german homosexual porno called "luift aft". its when a man ejaculates in a mans anus and farts it onto his face.

the most recent of these was by pornstar calum nother carter.
" me and sam were mad last night! anal cumdrop all over him"
by extrajuice December 5, 2012
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When sperm hardens and forms a crystal like residue in ones hair after their partner ejaculates in their hair the night before.
EX. 1

Spencer: Hey babe what are you doing right now?

Lisa: Taking a shower because I have cumdrops/ cumsicles in my hair from last night.

EX. 2

Alec: Last night was s hot especially when I cam.

Britney: Maybe for you it was but you left massive cumdrops/ cumsicles in my hair.
by baby bottle popp February 7, 2010
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